Welcome to our website, where our goal is to provide our customers

with beautiful, energy efficient, and easily maintained homes for there pets.

Our reptile cages are made with melamine which has great insulating

values. This translates into smaller heat lamps, and in turn lowers

energy costs. Our reptile cages come equipped with a spot fixture as well as

A florescent fixture. (bulbs not included) Our reptile cages are stackable,

using less of your valuable floor space. Our reptile cages are great for breeders.

They are easily adapted to many kinds of reptiles. We make our

own high efficiency vent system that is second to none, and are nice looking as

well. Custom sizes are available.

Thank you for shopping with us here at Cen-Tex Custom Reptile Cages,

where your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Cen-Tex Custom Reptile Cages
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If you are tired of housing your Reptiles in a FISH TANK!! You have landed in a great place. We look forward to serving you!
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